The future of branding

In our time involved in branding, you could say the field has come quite far! From the days where sign writing was literally sign writing, using stencils and paint to get a company’s message across, painting onto walls, steel sheets of Chromadek and even truck bodies and awnings!

These days things are a lot smoother and easier… with the technology of vinyl cutters and pre-pigmented vinyl, cutting out a company’s logo to a mathematical degree, and then the introduction to digital printing, gone are the days where screen printing was the only means to run off 500 boards in multiple colours. Don’t get me wrong, screen-printing is still used worldwide.

With the introduction of digital machinery came a revolutionary change in the way people see branding; full-colour hi-res images are printed at the click of a button. This changed the way companies now chose to advertise their message, making things a bit more challenging for designers, as the options became endless.

So where do we go from here?

Well, our theory is that machinery will become more advanced and so easy to use that nearly every company may as well have their own printing department. This doesn’t look good for branding companies then does it…?

The downfall to this is experience; anyone can buy a digital printer and be told what media to print on. But the extensive knowledge of knowing a media after so many years in the industry is where we branding companies will benefit. We’ve paid our school fees! We know what works where and how. With the advancement of technology comes the advancement of its uses, we’ve tried and tested everything so what’s stopping us from continuing?

Don’t worry, this is just a thought, but in our experience its becoming more evident that larger firms prefer to have their in-house printing studios! Which is okay! Because there are many clients out there who prefer not to deal with the headache that is branding and outsource getting the job done. And that is where we come in!

So where is the future of branding? It lies within our reach – every design, every signboard, every new job is where the future of branding is, and it will just keep getting better and better!

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