Less is more

In today’s time, technology is king. We are forever overwhelmed by new gadgets, apps, cellphones, and laptops and any new way we find to be always-up-to-date with the latest trends and happenings. We spend our lives dabbling in social media feeds like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter and many others which we are yet to learn and enjoy. But with all of these overwhelming, time-consuming technological ideas, are we losing focus of the bigger picture? Life? Are we forgetting what it is like to actually communicate face to face with a friend? Do we plan our birthdays and lives around Facebook’s messaging and calendar systems? What happened to real life problems, not just “OMG I have no wifi…”?

With this as a serious, worldwide factor in today’s times, how are people receiving information that could be vital to your business? Now we’re not talking about Facebook ads or Instagram feeds to promote what you do as a business, we’re talking about the core functionality of what your business does… For example, with us being in the vehicle branding industry, how do we sell a client a branding job, as opposed to a social media manager firm that could potentially receive more views? It’s simple: less is more.

These days, with people so pre-occupied with their phones, gadgets, and laptops they rarely have time to “look up” and when they do, I’m sure it’s to literally remember in which coffee shop they might be sitting.

People of today are consumed by a fast pace life, that they don’t have time to read the fine print, or look at an advert to try make sense of what it is they’re buying. They want it now, they want to understand it now; and they want to make an immediate decision of yes or no. It’s all about instant gratification.

So when it comes to branding a customer’s car with their company image to help that customer sell more, what do we advise? Less is more!

Yes it’s also very client specific, but often we see vehicle wraps that look amazing, but we simply cannot even remember which company the vehicle was promoting. No one has the time to muck about. These lavish wraps with fancy imagery and colours that are not easy on the eyes make it difficult for customers to actually portray their message and that is not the point of wrapping a car. You may as well have not bothered.

Proper planning is the most important step to a car design. When you go overboard with graphics and designs, with swirls and bright colours, you will attract attention, but will that attention be turned into sales? We guarantee it won’t.

Be critical of your designs; you need to remember that you are not selling a nice looking vehicle, you are creating a message on that vehicle about your company in the hopes of generating sales. The vehicle is just the tool to help drive your advert and brand. At the end of the day you can have the fanciest, most intricate and eye-catching designs imaginable, but if your message is getting lost in all that art, you have wasted your time. End of Story.

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