The Many Benefits of Vinyl Wraps for Your Car


We have great news for you! Did you know that vinyl wraps are good for your car and your budget? You probably did not know this, but there is more to vehicle vinyl wraps than plain and simple advertising. By applying a vinyl wrap to your car, you can actually protect your vehicle’s paint against fading, scratches, and chips too.


Want to know a few more interesting facts about vehicle vinyl wraps? Let us take a look:


  • Vinyl wraps are designed to protect the OEM paint of your vehicle, and can be easily removed.
  • When you remove the vinyl wrapping, the condition of your vehicle’s paint underneath will be flawless, which means that it actually protects the resale value of your car.
  • If you are leasing a vehicle or paying it off, you cannot respray it or change the colour. Vinyl wrapping makes it possible to change the entire colour of your vehicle, but not permanently.
  • The adverts that can be created on decals are more effective than any possible paint job.
  • The vinyl wrap will not fade or show wear and tear easily. You can expect it to look fresh and vibrant for longer.
  • You can choose a vinyl wrap for your car and select a finish that appeals to you most.
  • You can use a vehicle wrap to overhaul the appearance of an older vehicle with scratches, scuffs, and damage. The decal/vinyl will refresh its appearance.


Get Vinyl Wraps at ImageBuild


While vinyl wraps are already popular around the world, it is an advertising medium that has recently taken off in South Africa. Vinyl wrapping is becoming increasingly popular in local markets, and due to the effectiveness and affordability, it is believed that it is an advertising form that is certainly here to stay.


At ImageBuild, we believe that only the finest quality branding products will suffice for our clients. We ensure that our products are of the best on the market by partnering with some of the industry’s leading vinyl manufacturers.


When dealing with us, you will find that we can design and create custom solutions. We have a vast range of colours and finishes for you to choose from. We can work from your existing artwork, or assist you with creating something entirely fresh and new. To complete the look and feel, we can also match the interior of your vehicle with the exterior with a specialised interior car wrap.


To learn more about our vinyl wraps and associated services, simply get in touch with us at ImageBuild today.