4 Top Benefits of Investing in Vehicle Signage


There is a secret to advertising that works, and that is to make a lasting first impression. Vehicle signage is a memorable way to get your advertising message out there. It is a highly effective advertising medium for delivery trucks/vans, sales rep vehicles, and service cars/vans. The trick to ensuring that your vehicle signage outshines the rest is to take the time to develop a brand image that is eye-catching and sends a powerful message. Not everyone has an eye for an effective advert, so it is best to entrust the design, manufacturing, and application of your decals/vehicle wrapping to a professional team, such as ImageBuild.

At ImageBuild, we understand just how important it is to include high-quality, effective vehicle signage in your marketing strategy. If you have not incorporated vehicle branding in your advertising efforts before, you might be a bit sceptical. For your consideration, here are four ways vehicle signage can benefit your business:

Grab the Attention of Potential Customers

A plain white delivery vehicle will not make much difference to other drivers on the road. A brightly coloured vehicle with interesting branding will grab attention and even create a conversation piece for other drivers and their passengers. It is a great way to draw attention to the presence of your business and brand.

Reach a Very Broad Audience

Most advertising pieces are fixed (think of street signs, billboards, adverts inside shopping malls or newspapers), but vehicle signage is not. As your branded vehicle travels, your brand will be exposed to more and more people. This means that you could encounter potential new customers every day that your branded vehicle is on the road.

Enjoy Effective Advertising That is Non-Aggressive

Vehicle signage presents the brand and message to the public and gives potential customers the opportunity to come to you. Whether they stop you in traffic or note down your contact details or business name while in transit, the choice to react is theirs. This is a non-aggressive advertising format, unlike television and radio advertising where consumers might feel that they are forced to watch or hear advertising messages.

Wrapping Protects the Exterior Condition of The Vehicle

Vehicle signage in the form of wrapping ultimately protects the outer exterior of the car. The paintwork will not fade from exposure to the sun, and the decals used will protect the paintwork from scratches, chips, and minor dents from debris on the road. This is ultimately beneficial to those who wish to trade their vehicle in or sell it at some point in the future.


Professionally Designed and Installed Vehicle Signage

At ImageBuild, we design, manufacture, and install high-quality, durable vehicle signage and wrapping. Our professional team members will ensure that your branded vehicle is a sight to behold (in a good way, of course). For a quotation on vehicle signage or to learn more about your branding options, simply contact us via email or telephone today.