Vehicle Branding Made Easy at ImageBuild


What is the best way to get your business brand out there? Advertising on television? Radio advertising? What about advertising directly to your target audience without having to pay monthly? What if you could pay once to arrange your advertising and benefit from it for many months, even years, to come? Interested? Of course you are. That is the dream of every business owner. And vehicle branding makes this kind of advertising benefit possible.


Have you ever seen a car drive past you that is brightly coloured or has a clever message seemingly printed on it? If you have, then you have been exposed to vehicle branding. How effective that branding is will depend on the quality of the decal and just how perceptive you are to the message. It is therefore important to carefully plan your advertising message and how it will be portrayed on your vehicle.


Vehicle branding is certainly not a new marketing concept. It involves designing and creating decals (or stickers) in large format, for a vehicle. The decals can include images, your company logo, and your contact details. By making sure that the message and graphics are simple and clear, you can deliver your marketing message with exceptional ease. What is more is that your business advertising will be presented on an ongoing and repetitive basis to your target audience. How? When business branded vehicles are driven, the mobile advertising provided will reach your target audience time and again.


For some, the benefits of vehicle branding are obvious. For others, here are a few benefits of vehicle branding:


  • Vehicle wrapping/branding makes business vehicles stand out from private vehicles on the road.
  • A wider audience can be reached, as there is no telling how far and wide a business vehicle that is branded will need to travel each month. Branded vehicles act as mobile billboards.
  • Vehicle branding in the form of wrapping or decals can actually protect the vehicle from damage and protect its value too. Wrapping defends the vehicle from scratches, scuffs, and chips along the way.


At ImageBuild, we specialise in professional vehicle branding. You can approach us with your vehicle branding ideas, and we can bring them to life. Alternatively, you can discuss your requirements and budget with us, and we can assist you with creating vehicle branding that works specifically for your brand and your advertising objectives. Want to learn more about branding your business vehicles effectively? Contact us via email or telephone at ImageBuild today.