How Car Branding Can Boost Business in Pretoria


Competition is rife in Gauteng, and if you are considering car branding for advertising in Pretoria, you are on the right track. Both big and small businesses rely heavily on their marketing efforts to get ahead in such a competitive market. Brand recognition is an essential element of any business’ success strategy, and one of the best ways to get the public familiar with your brand is to show it off, loud and proud, on your vehicle.

This is particularly beneficial if you provide the kids with transport to school, or if your company does deliveries, customer visits, etc. The more you drive around, the more you advertise. Just think of all the advertising you are missing out on while driving an unbranded vehicle!

Car branding comes in many forms in Pretoria. You can opt for magnetic signs, vinyl decals, and even full-car or part-car wrapping. Vinyl wraps are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa. The entire vehicle can be wrapped or only a portion thereof. And when you think about how many people you pass on the road when you drive around (and even when you are parked), it is obvious that the return on investment is valuable.



5 Ways Vehicle Wrapping with Benefit Your Business Brand

Below are just five ways in which your new car branding will be able to boost business:

  • Brand awareness will improve as more and more people see and start to recognise your brand.
  • You can create a positive association with your brand by parking outside high-end malls, driving politely on the road, and having your vehicle seen at high profile events.
  • You can open up a new way for consumers to connect with you. While your branding will advertise the best ways to reach you (telephone number, address, website details, etc.), potential customers can now approach you when they spot you out in your vehicle or in a parking lot. New business opportunities suddenly open up.
  • Your business will immediately seem more professional and trustworthy. Trust is a difficult thing to earn with consumers. Some businesses promise the world, but have very little to really offer in return. By branding your business vehicles, your business image will look professional, but consumers will also get the idea that you are proud of your brand, and are willing to put time and effort into it. This often translates into more trust. After all, if you are so proud of and confident in your business, they can be too.
  • Save on long-term advertising costs. Everyone knows that advertising can cost a fortune on a month to month basis. With the right car branding, your can show off your business in Pretoria for years without having to pay a monthly fee. Simply choose a durable, high-quality wrapping product, and you are set for a few years to come. Just make sure that the advertising message is timeless, and the contact details are permanent.



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